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Saffron & Pink Peppercorns Lollipops

Saffron & Pink Peppercorns Lollipops

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Our Saffron & Pink Peppercorns lollipops are fragrant, sweet and peppery. Four (4) lollipops made with flowery saffron which also gives its color and pink peppercorns for a nice fruity and mildly spicy bite. 

Our lollipops are vegan, gluten free and do not contain artificial colors or flavors.  Lollipops should be consumed within 3-4 weeks to maintain shape and freshness. Please keep in cool, dry place as candy can melt in warm temperatures.

Ingredients: Sugar, light corn syrup, pink peppercorns, saffron.

Each lollipop is individually wrapped in plastic wrapper and tied with a ribbon.

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