How Does Subscription Service Work

Subscribing is Super Easy!

Subscribing to our Hot Stuff boxes is super easy! Purchase a one-time box or subscribe to our bi-monthly subscription and save. You will be billed automatically every two months based on the terms you select. We will ship the current box in the month subscribed. These are the options when you subscribe:

Subscription Terms

  • 6 months subscription (get 10% off) - receive three (3) of our boxes starting with the current month in which you subscribe. 
  • 1 year subscription (get 15%) - receive all six (6) of our boxes starting with the current month in which you subscribe. 

What's In The Box?

Ready to discover artisanal spicy goods? Our full size Hot Stuff boxes are all unique and each packed with 6-7 spicy food and non-food items you're going to love. Here's our past Hot Holidays box.


You can get any of the following in each box:

  • One bottle of a well sought-after hot sauce in every box
  • One or two spicy sweets from candies to chocolates and jams
  • One or two savory treats
  • Spices or seasoning salts for cooking
  • Spicy themed non-food items such as t-shirts, items for the kitchen and useful things spicy food lovers can enjoy


When Does It Ship?

Boxes are shipped every 2 months by the 15th of the following months, except for February when box will ship in first week. We will ship the following themed boxes in these months:

  • February - Hot Love box - ships by Feb. 7th
  • April - Spring Fling box - ships April 15th
  • June - Summer Vibes box - ships June 15th
  • August - Blazing Heat box - ships August 15th
  • October - Fall Harvest box - ships Oct. 15th
  • December - Hot Holidays box - ships Dec. 15th

Want to try just a handful of items instead of a full size box? Check out our Hot Stuff Mini Box!