Our Story

Hello and thank you for visiting Hot Stuff Subscriptions, home to our spicy food boxes, spicy themed gift items and Hot Lollies spicy candy shop!

Hot Stuff Subscription

Hot Stuff subscription is a bi-monthly spicy food box service delivering unique specialty goods from businesses across the US. Hot Stuff is also part of Hot Lollies, a spicy lollipops and sweets shop making delicious, all natural sweet and spicy treats. Our spicy lollipops and candies are handmade, vegan, gluten free and made with tropical fruit purees and some of the hottest hot chile peppers in the world. 

The Beginning...

Years ago, make that decades ago, the owner Maria fell in love with spicy foods and has been making spicy candies since. After getting her first taste of spicy sweets in Mexico, the Caribbean and within other cultures she just couldn't get enough. While spicy candies were tough to find, many spicy sweets already on the market were made with artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Wanting more natural tasting confections, Maria decided to make her own candies using sugar, fruit purees and real chile peppers for a flavorful, spicy, gourmet treat. 

She started experimenting with heat levels and flavors to make her first spicy lollipops infused with chile peppers. Having learned so much over the years about growing chiles, cooking with them, and discovering their benefits she had to find a ways to share her passion with the world. She first launched Hot Lollies candy shop, then came the blog and later the Hot Stuff Subscription service for spicy food lovers with discerning tastes.

Take a look at our catalog of treats, we also carry spicy themed apparel as well so I'm sure you'll find something you'll love. 

Our sweets shop is licensed and all candies are made in a commercial kitchen.